Radio Sales Training: Crawl Walk Run

Radio Sales Training Crawl Walk Run Day 10

Manage Time

Manual Day 10


Figure out your wheel of life (for your personal viewing only)

Start your calendar

Put personal things on FIRST

Immovables, like sales meetings and such

Vacations, family events etc

Plan times for email, social media etc

In the holes, put customer meetings

Practice your opening, elevator speech, executive summary.

Do a 15 minute closing call with your sales manager as if he is furniture store.  Make sure you calculate ROI.


Rehearse with your sparring partner, 5 opening objections.


Complete three cold calls today.  


Make an appointment for at least one CNA


Write three ads for a business that you have either cold called and have an appointment with or have done a CNA with.  Play these for your sales manager.


Print out a complete presentation for a customer you have completed a CNA with, have the ads ready to play, have a schedule and ROI sheet.  Do the entire presentation with your sales manager.