Chris Rolando began his career in radio in 1976, working part time on weekends at an AM radio station in Albany New York. His Sunday Morning gig consisted of tracking AT40 with Kasey Kasem and filling the top of the hour between discs with the weather. In the ensuing years, Chris decided he wanted to own a car that was younger than he was, so he went to the Dark Side… radio sales… and never looked back. Chris has trained hundreds of broadcast sales people with his Swiss Army Knife training series followed by the Crawl Walk Run system. He helped develop the InABox radio sales system featuring SmartRate and the ROI calculator. His training videos have been viewed nearly 50,000 times. He has been a featured speaker for the National Association of Broadcasters show, multiple state broadcast conferences and is in demand as an educational speaker. He is currently working with Arizona State University to start a broadcast training school at their Western Arizona campus. “My education in radio sales had the station sales manager throwing me a copy of the yellow pages and telling me “Go Get Em Tiger”. I vowed from that time that I would never send a rep on the street without the tools to do the job. This book represents the culmination of this goal… a 15 Day plan that will have a new rep selling annual contracts 15 days into their career” -chris


Radio Sales Training: Crawl Walk Run

If you have the inclination and the desire, I can turn you into a six figure a year Radio Sales Person in just 15 days.  The size of the market does not matter.  Your background does not matter.  Your tenacity and ability to work hard does! 

Instructor:  Chris Rolando
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